Drone Laws by State

Different Drone Laws by State

Drones which used to be military government tools are no longer limited to military or government use. Many latest drones with cameras and advanced technology have introduced in the market and have become immensely popular among people. These drones are now present in almost every big stores these days. Many research entities and commercial interests have found many new ways to use these pilotless vehicles.

In addition to federal drone regulations, states also have passed laws regulating the use of drones by individuals, businesses, law enforcement, and other interests.  Let’s discuss below different drone laws that are enforced by different states.

  1. NYC Drone Laws

  • Drones are illegal to fly in New York City. Official city website advises anyone who sees a drone being flown to call 911.
  • Drones may be flown, however, at designated model aircraft fields.
  • The city ordinance banning the use of drones by city officials until adequate federal and state laws are passed regarding government use of drones in a manner that protects citizens’ 1st and 4th amendment rights.
  • Prior ordinance imposed restrictions on where and when drones were allowed to fly in town airspace. This ordinance was rescinded in October 2017, citing FAA jurisdiction over all U.S. airspace.
  • Town officials are currently writing a revised ordinance, which would place restrictions on where and when drones are allowed to take off and land within town limits.
  1. Maryland Drone Laws

  • The state of Maryland has sole authority over drone legislation, state municipalities cannot enact their own drone regulations or prohibitions; various state groups and departments are directed to study drone usage and potential economic and public safety impacts.
  • The legal landscape for drones is constantly changing. As a drone operator, you are responsible for making sure you comply with all relevant laws and regulations. Stay up to date – and on the right side of the law.
  1. California Drone Laws

  • Drones prohibited in all Golden Gate National Parks in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Town officials implementing certain restrictions on drone flight & activity within the town.
  • Gives local authorities the power to enforce FAA drone-related regulations, making violations a misdemeanor. Also places limits on how close a drone may fly to a school or public event.
  • Drone takeoffs and landings are banned outside of an operator’s (or observer in contact with an operator) visual line of sight; within 25 feet of another individual, excepting the operator or operator’s designee; and on private property without the consent of the property owner.
  • Also prohibited are takeoffs and landings within 500 feet of a special event or emergency response without a city-issued temporary use permit, a device with any type of weapon attached to it, and any violation of an FAA temporary flight restriction or notice to airmen.
  • California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control has ruled that delivery of marijuana may not be conducted via various methods, including drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Using a drone for pest control requires a valid state-issued aircraft pest control pilot certificate.

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